To help kickstart the Young Worker Media Project, we are inviting workers to contribute short pieces, 100-500 words, to the Tumblr.

Answer one or all of these questions!

1. What makes you #RiseNGrind every day? To keep your lights on? To help your family with groceries? To serve who you work with? To have solidarity with your coworkers? To fill Sallie Mae’s already gigantic pockets?

2. What’s an experience you’ve had at work that pushed you to speak up and fight back? A confrontation with the boss? Being threatened, discriminated against, or silenced? Having to deal with a new system or work plan that you did not decide?

3. What’s an experience you’ve had of fighting back? What happened? What should others who are struggling for change know about it?

Once your piece is submitted, our team will look it over, send feedback/edits, and then, starting in June, post it!